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What kind of licenses does the video come with?

All Videobolt videos come with corresponding licenses. Here are all of them.

Stock footage
The stock footage provided through integrations with Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels is royalty-free and eligible for commercial use. Videobolt is not responsible for the images, videos, or audio you upload yourself. Please keep in mind that using unlicensed assets may cause copyright issues when published.

Important: YouTube copyright strikes — Producing a video on Videobolt does not give you permission to claim copyright strikes against other YouTube videos made with the same template, even if YouTube might offer it. 

The audio used in each template is commercially licensed and specifically created by Videobolt's composers to reflect the nature, style, and the idea of every template. Video you produce comes with a ZIP file that contains all applicable licenses.

Lifetime commercial license
All high-definition videos produced on Videobolt (without a watermark) come with a lifetime commercial license. When downloading a video from the My Videos page you can also download a ZIP file that contains the terms of the commercial license, a poster frame, and your video.

Resellers license (Business plan)
A reseller license allows you to create videos with Videobolt and sell them for profit to your own contacts and clients. This is exclusive to the Business plan, and selling the videos otherwise may cause your account and subscription to be suspended.

Personal license
The Personal License is for individuals creating videos for personal use, like social media, music videos, podcasts, and gift cards. Commercial use is prohibited, except for employees at educational institutions for promotional activities of the educational institution (that may be commercial in nature). Resale or license transfer is not allowed. The license can be terminated for breaches, requiring cessation of use and distribution.