Are Simple Video Tools free to use?

Anyone, with or without an account can use Simple Video Tools, there are some benefits to having a free account though.

All Simple Video Tools are free to use but there are certain benefits for registered users and subscribers.

Benefits of creating a free account:
Having a registered account allows you to use Videobolt's servers as storage. This means your Simple Video Tools exports will be automatically stored online and ready to be used with other tools. This is key for users who want to use several different tools to edit the same video by removing unnecessary downloads and uploads from your workflow.

Videobolt subscriptions and Simple Video Tools:
As you may know, Videobolt's main product allows you to create professional videos or improve graphics by accessing more than 7400+ easily customizable video templates. Unlike Simple Video Tools, exporting these projects does require an active subscription.

Regarding Simple Video Tools, active subscriptions extend the import/export video length limit, from 10 minutes to 2 hours.