What is the resolution, aspect ratio and format of the video?

Our videos are delivered at the highest possible quality without sacrificing compatibility

Preview videos are produced in lower quality (up to 540p), while the final video will be produced in high definition, from — 720p HD to 4K UHD. Export resolution depends on the template and subscription plan. You can see the the exact resolution for a template by clicking the name to see the template page.

We create templates in the 4 most used formats (Landscape 16:9, Square 1:1, Post 4:5, Vertical 9:16) to cover all major social media formats, placements, and use cases. You can browse templates by aspect ratio by changing the "Format" filter at the top of the search results.

Non-transparent videos are exported as MP4 files, including the free previews. Transparent videos are exported as either WEBM or MOV (ProRes) files. Business Unlimited subscribers can export any video shorter than 60 seconds as ProRes.