How to trim videos using Simple Video Tools?

Upload your video and define the video segment you want to cut out and export using our video trimmer.

This article gives a quick overview of how to trim videos using Videobolt's Simple Video Tools. For a deeper dive, check out this blog post.

Step 1: Upload your video

Begin by uploading your video to our online video trimmer. You can select and upload a file from your device or drag and drop it directly into the editor. Our platform supports a wide range of video file formats, ensuring a hassle-free editing experience with no format limitations.

Step 2: Select what to cut from the video

Once your video is uploaded, you can start using the trimming interface. Here, you'll see your video displayed with a timeline below it. Use the draggable yellow section on the timeline to select the precise portion of the video you want to keep while trimming away the rest.

For those seeking precision, the Properties section offers options for more accurate cuts. You can input the exact start and end times for your trimmed video, ensuring each second aligns with your vision. 

Step 3:  Finalize and download

Once your video is trimmed to perfection, simply click "Trim & Download," and the download process will start automatically. Your precisely edited creation is ready to go.

If you wish to trim more segments, click "Start over," and you can trim additional clips. Later, you can use our Merge tool to combine all the cutouts into a unified video story.