How to merge videos with Simple Video Tools?

Combine videos online by uploading or selecting from your Media Library.

This article gives a quick overview of how to merge videos using Videobolt's Simple Video Tools. For a deeper dive, check out this blog post.

Step 1: Upload your video clips

Whether you're a registered Videobolt user with access to our Media Library or a unregistered visitor, merging videos with Simple Video Tools is a breeze. You have two options:

  • Upload new files: If you're new to our platform, simply upload the video clips you want to merge directly from your device. It's as easy as selecting the files and clicking 'Upload.'
  • Select from your Media Library: For registered users, you can choose video clips that you've previously uploaded or exported and stored in your media library. This option streamlines the process, especially if you're a frequent user of our tools.

Step 2: Arrange the video clips

Once you've uploaded or selected your video clips, you have the flexibility to arrange them in any order you desire. Simple drag-and-drop functionality allows you to rearrange the clips effortlessly until they are in the perfect sequence.

Step 3: Merge and download your videos

With your video clips in the desired order, you're ready to merge them into a single video. Click the Merge & Download button, and our merge tool will swiftly combine your clips, creating a cohesive video that flows seamlessly from one clip to the next.