How to make a lyric video?

Here are the steps required to create a lyric video using Videobolt.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the key steps and concepts involved in making lyric videos. For more detailed instructions and insights, don't forget to check out our dedicated blog post with screen recordings, available at this link.

Here's a condensed overview of the process:

  1. Uploading Your Song: After selecting your desired template and visual theme, it's time to upload your song. Click the Audio placeholder and choose your import option, such as using a SoundCloud song link. This step sets the foundation for synchronizing your lyrics.

  2. Adding and Timing Lyrics: Click "Add lyrics" to introduce your song's lyrics. If you don't have a timestamped .srt lyrics file, you can easily time your lyrics within the Videobolt editor. Paste your lyrics into the text box and click "Create lyrics." This action leads you to the Lyric Editor.

  3. Using Keyboard Shortcuts: Inside the Lyric Editor, you'll see your lyrics on the left and a timeline on the right. Familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts "Q" and "E." Press "Q" to align the next line of lyrics with the current time and "E" to end a selected line at the current time. This synchronization process is facilitated while you listen to your song.

  4. Refining and Saving: With initial timings set, save your work to prevent accidental loss. Save your lyrics file with a name, such as your song and artist's name. You can then perform another pass to fine-tune timings and enhance emphasis by separating lines or words using the toolbar options "separate by word" and "separate by line."

  5. Finalizing and Previewing: Once your lyrics are synchronized and refined, save your work again. Since the lyrics file already exists in your "Media Library," choose to overwrite the existing file. Close the Lyric Editor, preview your work, and proceed to finalize your lyric video.