How to make a GIF from video using the Convert to GIF tool?

Access the GIF Maker tool, upload a video (supports MOV, AVI, MP4, etc.), adjust frame rate (5 to 24 FPS), set resolution (up to 1440 pixels), preview, and click “Convert & Download” to save your GIF.

This article gives a quick overview of how to create a GIF using Videobolt's video to GIF converter. For a deeper dive, check out this blog post.

To make a GIF, access the Convert to GIF tool on Simple Video Tools follow these steps:

  1. Access the GIF Maker tool on Simple Video Tools.
  2. Upload your video file (compatible with formats like MOV, AVI, MP4, and others).
  3. In the Properties section, adjust the frame rate of the GIF (options available: 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24 FPS).
  4. Set your desired resolution from the preset options or enter a custom value.
  5. Preview your GIF in real-time in the Video section to see how it looks.
  6. Click on “Convert & Download” to finalize and save your created GIF.