How many videos total can I merge using Simple Video Tools?

Merge any number of videos you want. Export up to 2 hours per video file.

 If you're wondering how many videos you can merge using our platform, the answer is simple: there's no fixed limit! However, we do have some considerations regarding the length of your exported video, which we'll explain in detail.

Any user, registered or not, can export videos of up to 10 minutes in total after merging multiple video files. This length should be enough to cover most users' needs but it’s possible to export longer videos as well.

Videobolt subscriptions and merging videos:
Outside of Simple Video Tools, Videobolt offers subscription plans that unlock 7000+ video templates and an easy-to-use online video editor. When it comes to merging videos, subscribers enjoy the benefit of an extended export length limit, allowing for more extensive and professional video projects, of up to 2 hours.