How do I download the video in HQ?

Unlocking the Power of High-Resolution Export

When you produce a high resolution video, you will get the option to download it or publish directly to YouTube. All finished videos can later be accessed from the My Videos page.

From that page, you can also download a ZIP file that contains the video, asset licenses, and a poster image that’s perfect for a YouTube thumbnail.

Once the rendering of your high-resolution video is complete, you're ready to share and download it. Our platform ensures that your meticulously crafted creation is ready for use in its highest quality form. Upon completing the rendering process, you'll be presented with the option to download your high-resolution video or directly publish it to YouTube. You'll also be able to download from the My Videos page.

Essential Note: This Feature is Paid-Only:
It's important to note that high-resolution video exports are part of our paid subscription plans. This feature is designed to offer exceptional value to our subscribers by allowing them to access and utilize their creations in the finest quality. By opting for a subscription plan, you gain the privilege of producing and downloading videos with unmatched clarity and impact.

When you choose a subscription plan that includes the high-resolution export feature, you're not only unlocking creative possibilities for yourself but also supporting the authors behind the templates. These subscription fees contribute to compensating the talented creators who bring these templates to life. Your subscription plays a direct role in fostering a thriving ecosystem of creativity.