Can I trim audio with your video trimmer tool?

You can combine several free video tools to create an audio trimmer.

While our Video Trim tool is primarily designed for video content, we do offer a workaround for trimming audio.

Scenario 1: Your audio is part of a video

If you want to trim audio from your video and export it as MP3, you’ll need to use 2 tools, Video Trimmer, and the Extract Audio tool.

Start by using our Video Trimmer tool to trim your video to the desired length. This allows you to select the precise portion of your video that includes the audio you want to retain

Once you've trimmed your video, use our Extract Audio tool to export the audio from your video clip. This tool allows you to extract the audio separately, providing you with the trimmed audio file.

Scenario 2: You only have an audio file

To trim audio without a video, you can use a placeholder video file as a base. This placeholder video can contain visual content and sound, or not. It will serve as a container for your audio. Now you can utilize our Add Audio tool to merge your audio with the placeholder video. 

Use the Trim tool to cut out pieces of audio you want to remove.

Then the last step remains the same - just use our Extract Audio tool to export the audio from your video clip