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Can I refund my current plan?

I am not happy with the service you provided. I want a refund.

Refunds are exclusively available in cases when the service isn’t functioning properly and the issue can’t be fixed in a timely manner. Subscribing, canceling and usage of the subscription benefits are solely down to the user. 

If the Video is materially similar to the Preview and works the way it should, Videobolt holds no obligation to provide a refund. In cases where there are grounds for a refund, Videobolt will attempt to rectify the problem. A refund will be granted only if such attempts are unsuccessful. 

Videobolt will NOT refund any of these cases:

  • You simply change your mind;
  • You bought an item by mistake;
  • You don’t have sufficient expertise to use the item;
  • You forgot to cancel your subscription;
  • You ask for goodwill; or
  • You can no longer access the item because it has been removed (please download your videos to make sure you have a backup).

You might be eligible for a refund in these cases:

  • You’ve been charged, but did not receive your video;
  • Your subscription has been charged, but you did not receive the benefits of your subscription;
  • Your downloaded video file is faulty.