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Ensuring fairness: Our refund policy explained

Navigating refunds, responsibilities, and resolution

This article contains an explanation of our refund policy. Please be aware that the official policy is stated in our Terms of Service, and any refund requests should adhere to that document.

At Videobolt, we are committed to providing a seamless and satisfying experience for all our users. Our refund policy reflects our dedication to fairness, transparency, and efficient issue resolution. Here, we outline the guidelines for refunds, with a clear emphasis on our commitment to rectify any mistakes on our part while clarifying certain scenarios that are beyond our scope.

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A User-Centric Approach:

Our refund policy takes into account various aspects of service functionality. Refunds are made available exclusively in situations where the service encounters technical difficulties that cannot be promptly resolved. We are fully aware that subscribing, canceling, and utilizing subscription benefits are personal decisions, and we respect your choices.

Mistakes on Our End:

It's essential to highlight that any mistake on Videobolt's end will always be addressed and rectified. We stand behind our commitment to deliver a functional and satisfactory experience to every user. If the video doesn't function as intended, or if there's a material discrepancy between the Video and the Preview, our team will diligently work to remedy the situation. In cases where our efforts to resolve the problem are unsuccessful, a refund will be issued.

Scenarios Excluded from Refund:

While we strive to accommodate users' needs, there are instances where refunds will not be granted:

  • Changing your mind
  • "Accidental" purchases
  • Lack of expertise to use the item
  • You forgot to cancel your subscription
  • Requests for goodwill gestures
  • Inaccessibility due to item removal (please download your videos as a precaution)

Eligibility for Refund:

You may be eligible for a refund in the following scenarios:

  • You've been charged but haven't received your video
  • Your subscription has been charged, but you did not receive the benefits of your subscription 
  • The downloaded video file is faulty

Videobolt's refund policy reflects our commitment to ensuring a seamless experience while clarifying the responsibilities and scenarios that fall within the scope of refunds. While we put the utmost effort into addressing any issues on our part, we also believe in your empowerment as users to make informed decisions regarding subscriptions and purchases. Our goal remains to provide an environment where your creative journey can flourish, backed by a clear and considerate refund policy. If you ever find yourself facing a situation that aligns with our refund policy, rest assured that we're here to navigate the path to resolution alongside you.