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Flexibility Meets Your Needs: Can I Buy Just One Video?

I want this video but don't need an unlimited, recurring subscription.

If you only need one video, you can subscribe to any Unlimited plan and cancel right after.

You will be able to use the benefits of your subscription for the next 30 days and the completed videos will remain available for download from the My Videos page. The commercial license for the videos will also apply in perpetuity.

However, if you wish to make changes to any of your videos after your subscription expires, you will need to subscribe again in order to produce the new video at high resolution and download it without a watermark.

We understand that your video needs can vary, and you might wonder if it's possible to purchase a single video. While our subscription plans are built to offer comprehensive creative benefits, we recognize that there are scenarios where you're seeking a solution for a single video project.

Our platform's core strength lies in the versatility of our Unlimited plans, which provide an extensive toolkit for video creation. You have the freedom to explore and experiment with a vast range of video elements. Whether you need captivating intros, engaging outros, eye-catching lower thirds, or various video formats, our subscription plans empower you to create a comprehensive collection of video content.

While our subscription plans primarily revolve around unlimited video creation, they also offer an adaptable solution for single video projects. By subscribing to an Unlimited plan, you can utilize the benefits for the duration of 30 days, regardless of whether you're focused on creating a single video or multiple projects. You can stop future recurring charges right away after subscribing — this will not impact your benefits until the end date of your subscription period.

While a "buy one video" option might appear to address an immediate need, our subscription plans offer unmatched value over the long term. By investing in a subscription, you're not only gaining access to unlimited video creation but also to a treasure trove of design elements, animations, and formats. This abundance of resources empowers you to evolve your video content strategy and maintain a consistent brand identity across various projects.