What are the background options when resizing video?

Users can choose between a black background for a clean look or enabling the blur option to incorporate colors from the video, creating a more visually engaging and harmonious result.

When resizing videos using Simple Video Tools, a background "box" is introduced around the video to achieve the desired aspect ratio. This box serves the purpose of maintaining the selected aspect ratio while ensuring the entire original video content remains visible.

Background color options include:

Black background — By default, the background is often set to black. This creates a clean and consistent border around your video, making it stand out within the defined aspect ratio.

Blur background — Alternatively, you have the option to enable a blur effect for the background. When this option is selected, the tool takes colors from the video itself and applies a subtle blur effect to the background. This can create a more visually cohesive and dynamic look, as the background colors are derived from the video content.

The blur option, in particular, adds a creative touch to the resized video. By incorporating colors from the video into the background, it can enhance the overall visual appeal and make the video feel more integrated with its surroundings.